Saturday, December 3, 2011

URGENT: The Wildlife Waystation Needs Your Help!

I am very sad to write this post.  The Wildlife Waystation - a unique organization I am grateful to be volunteering at is in urgent need of financial support.

For over thirty years, the Wildlife Waystation has rehabilitated wild animals, educated adults and children alike about wildlife, wild and exotic animals and has provided a shelter for exotic animals who would not otherwise be alive.  It is the home of many varied species, lions, tigers, bears, wolves, primates, but also pigs, lamas, exotic birds and many more.

I urge anyone reading this post to please, forward this information to your friends and families, visit the Wildlife Waystation website, visit the Wildlife Waystation Official Fan Page on Facebook and if you can, make a donation today.

Thank You in advance.  Anything you can do, will be appreciated and tremendous help for this worthy non-profit.

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