Sunday, October 10, 2010

Primate Drawing Contest - The Best Drawings

Thank you to all who submitted their drawings to celebrate primates.
All the drawings submitted are absolutely fabulous!
All these drawings are winners and I had to go back and modify a little the list of prizes in order to accommodate all them.
I really love the fact that all these monkeys look really happy and smile...

Most detailed and true to life drawing prizes go to:  
Hailey, Elana, Cynthia, Loris and Celio.

Hailey's drawing depicts three of the four great apes:  chimpanzee, gorilla and orangutan.  The fourth great ape missing from this drawing is the bonobo.  I love the expression on the face of each of these great apes.  Great work Hailey!

Cynthia's drawing is just exploding with colors and the monkey in the center looks like a very happy individual.  He lives in a very green and sunny environment and his eyes are just beaming.  Beautiful work, Cynthia!

Elana's drawing is also very colorful.  Her monkey is happy and seems to enjoy the large sun over his head. Very nice drawing indeed, Elana!

Loris's monkey lives in an exotic place with very nice palm trees and a very hot sun!  He seems to be enjoying hanging from a branch - a very athletic monkey.  Very nice work, Loris!

Celio's monkey is also hanging from a branch (or is it from the laundry line in the garden?)  He has a big smile on his face and lives in a very interesting place where trees are multicolor.  This is a really cool drawing, Celio!

Most original interpretation monkey drawing prizes go to: 
Sydneeanne, Evan Maori, Olivia

I love this large monkey face that takes the whole page.  This monkey looks a little surprised and the sun has a beautiful smile.  Very nice drawing Sydneeanne!

That's a very interesting monkey!  I love the hair on his head and his goofy way of walking.  Very creative monkey and interesting green background.  Very cool drawing, Evan Maori!

This free form monkey drawing is so cute!  The monkey has a big smile and big ears!  Very nice work Olivia!

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