Sunday, November 22, 2009

space primates

In the 1950s and 960s, many non-primate beings were used for space research.  They were the heroes of the time but their fleeting fame was only that.  They had to endure hours of testing in various machines so that someday mankind could set foot on the moon and launch into the exciting adventure that space exploration must be.

A lot of these creatures died after their brief travel into space, others were sent out to labs to help humans in other ways.  Fortunately not all of them have a dismal fall, some chimps are lucky and have landed in a sanctuary called "Save the Chimps " located in Fort Pierce, Florida, founded in 1997 by Carol Noon.

Check out this footage from Universal News about Space Monkeys in the 1950s .

If you happen to have any images, old magazines of the time, please contact me as I am doing some research on the subject and would be interested in getting my hands on anything relating to this.  Thanks!
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